Koyama => +act. 01

[DBSK] icons x 23 ; header x 2 ; wallpaper (misc. sizes)

*grumbles* Ok I was just IN LOVE with this photo shoot they all look so damn handsome! I hope you all aren't sick of seeing graphics from this shoot (I think i've counted 4 people to do icons from this shoot so far ... and HEY IM BEING ACTIVE, damnitt (thats got to count for something XD)

Icon Previews :

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Seto Kouji <3


I Think most of you don't even know i exist ...
To all those who don't know me... Hello ~ im yami (the Duck) your other mod...

I have been away from Graphics and layouts for a long time due to me being busy with University work and all.
Im sorry and i promise to bring you all more icons and layouts soon...


your dead mod... yami the Duck x_x
Koyama => +act. 01

Tutorial #3 (I think)

ok I am back ... somewhat ... but Ducky had asked me to make a tutorial of my current icon ... I tried to recreate it but this was the best I could do X____X

and yes I spelled "example" wrong ... thanks blissful_9 for telling me *headdesk*

Made with Adobe Photoshop CS3 (NOT TRANSLATABLE, that I know, you may have alternatives in other programs ^_^)
going from this Photobucket to this Photobucket

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NOTE : I will be changing the layout sometime in the near future (maybe today)... as much as I love looking at Neko-Koya, but my birthday is FAR OVER ... but Ducky lost the code for the old layout T^T ... but I'll see what I can do about the layout <3